Privacy policy

Enactment date: April 1, 2005
Last revision date Oct 20, 2021
Lifesupport Co., Ltd.
President and Representative Director
Hideaki Sekine

The Company fully recognizes its social mission for the protection of all personal information handled by the Company in all business activities through medical care and welfare, childcare and nursing care, and we will comply with the relevant laws and regulations on personal information and protection of the rights of individuals.

Here in this policy, we declare that we are committed to continuously improve personal information protection management system which we have established to embody the following policies, with constant awareness of the latest trends in IT technology, changes in social demands, changes in the business environment and others.

  1. We will acquire, use, and provide personal information to the extent necessary for the Company’s legitimate business operations, as well as for the employment and personnel management of employees in childcare and nursing care services. We will take necessary measures to prevent the handling of personal information beyond the achievement of specified purpose of use.
  2. We will comply with laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information, guidelines set by the government, and other norms.
  3. With regard to risks such as leakage, loss, or damage to personal information, we will take reasonable security measures to prevent such risks and inject management resources that match the on-going business situation, and continuously improve the personal information security system. In addition, we will take corrective actions as soon as we determine that there is a problem with security issues.
  4. When receiving complaints and consultations regarding the handling of personal information, we will properly respond to those issues promptly and professionally.
  5. The personal information protection management system will be reviewed in a timely and appropriate manner based on changes in the environment surrounding us, and we will strive to continuously improve it.

This policy shall be distributed to all employees and acknowledged by them, and shall be available to anyone at any time on our website and corporate brochures.

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