Lifesupport is a company to support your life and promote your happiness so that you can always smile.

About Lifesupport

Lifesupport is a company to support your life and promote your happiness so that you can always smile.

In recent years, we have been shifting very rapidly from an aging society to a hyper-aging society. Consequently, circumstances surrounding the welfare industry, as well as the concept and forms of families, are becoming more and more diversified. This trend has created various needs and increased social expectations toward this domain. To respond to a variety of such demands from local communities, we have been striving for the improvement of our services and advancing to the realization of true hospitality, while recognizing our responsibility to carry out businesses of a highly public nature. Via the provision of welfare services, we will keep supporting the future of families.

Company Overview

Company Name

Lifesupport Co.,Ltd.

Headquarter Address

3nd Floor, 5-34-7, Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0051


February 2, 1995


100 million yen

Number of employees

1,088(including part-timers, as of August, 2018)

Office Address

Child care business

Nursery schools authorized by local governments

  • Yurarin Toyoyon Nursery School
  • Yurarin Takecho Nursery School
  • Yurarin Konan Nursery School
  • Yurarin Shirokane Nursery School
  • Yurarin Ogikubo Nursery School
  • Yurarin Takanawa Nursery School
  • Yurarin Oizumi-Gakuen Nursery School
  • Yurarin Shiinamachi Nursery School
  • Yurarin Shimomeguro Nursery School

Nursery schools approved by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government

  • Yurarin Shinozaki Nursery School
  • Yurarin Chitose-Karasuyama Nursery School
  • Yurarin Toyosu Nursery School
  • Yurarin Ueno Nursery School
  • Yurarin Mita Nursery School
  • Yurarin Jiyugaoka Nursery School
  • Yurarin Omori Prost city Nursery School
  • Yurarin Hikifune Nursery School
  • Yurarin MOMO-no-Ie, Nursery School
  • Yurarin Sunamachi Nursery School
  • Yurarin Toyosan Nursery School
  • Yurarin Higashi-Azabu Nursery School
  • Yurarin Higashi-Shinagawa Nursery School
  • Yurarin Sengawa Nursery School

Juvenile training (Projects entrusted by local governments)

  • Minato-ku Hoka GO→Club Nanzan
  • Minato-ku Hoka GO→Club Shibaura
  • Minato-ku Hoka GO→Club Kounan
  • Minato-ku Katsurazaka Gakudo Club
  • Minato-ku Goshikibashi Gakudo Club
  • Minato-ku Shirokanedai Gakudo Club
  • Nakano-ku Momozono Gakudo Club
  • Nakano-ku Kitahara Gakudo Club
  • Nakano-ku Tada Gakudo Club
  • Nakano-ku Nakanoshinmei Gakudo Club
  • Nakano-ku Mukodai Gakudo Club
  • Nakano-ku Kids-Plaza Hakuo/Hakuo Gakudo Club
  • Nakano-ku Kids-Plaza Toka/Toka Gakudo Club
  • Nakano-ku Kids-Plaza Shinyama/Shinyama Gakudo Club

Child rearing support (Public services entrusted by local governments)

  • Suginami-ku Nursery Room Ogikubo Daisan
  • Koto-ku Toyo Nursery Room
  • Sumida-ku Ryogoku Kosodate Hiroba(hiroba, nursery [regular use / temporary use])
  • Minato-ku Kosodate Hiroba Appy Kounan
  • Minato-ku Kosodate Hiroba Appy Shirokanedai
  • Minato-ku Konan 4chome Child Rearing Support Facilities
  • Minato-ku Shidamachi Nursery Room
  • Minato-ku Minato Hoiku Support Shirokanedai
  • Minato-ku Minami-Aoyama Nursery for Post-disease Children
  • Nakano-ku Nakacho Nursery for Post-disease Children

Baby sitter dispatch / event child care

  • Home-visit child care service offices

Elderly care business

Private nursing homes

  • Yurari Edogawa
  • Yurari Edogawa Green Park
  • Yurari Omiya
  • Yurari Saitama Chuo

Senior assisted-living community housing facility

  • Yurari Residence Roppongi

Day care center designated by Saitama Prefecture

  • Day Service Yurari

Small scale multi-functional home cares

  • Koyurari Takanawa

In-home nursing support / home-visit nursing service offices

  • Ota Care Station
  • Machida Care Station
  • YuYu Care Roppongi

Home visit medical care

  • YuYu Nursing Roppongi

Nursing home placement business

  • Kanto-Rojin-home Shokai-center Gyoen-Sodanshitsu

Composite facilities

  • HUG Takanawa