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Elderly Care

Let’s spend this moment together.

Aiming to become your second family in which you can live your own life

We have established a complete nursing care system based on real hospitality to allow users to spend time with a sense of security and a feeling of reliance. All our staff members are striving for the provision of sincere services full of originality and ingenuity created via consideration for the convenience of users, often like their true family members.

Operation of private nursing homes and provision of senior assisted-living houses

The common name of our nursing facilities, Yurari, expresses our hope that the residents can live their lives leisurely with dignity (yuyu-jiteki) and happily (raku) in our facility, feeling relaxed as if it were their real home (furusato / kori). For their rich everyday life with freedom, we provide thorough services focusing on details that meet each individual’s belief, custom and taste. Also, we will take care of those who require long-term nursing care, true-heartedly, for their real families, always staying conscious of their feelings.

In-home nursing support and home-visit nursing service

We dispatch care workers to your home to provide physical nursing care as well as life support to elderly people on a daily basis. We have plenty of experienced in-home nursing care professionals such as certified care workers and home helpers. In addition to the provision of nursing care consultation, we will make the applications required to obtain the certification of long-term care need from local governments and execute the procedures necessary to use long-term care insurance for those bound in duty to do so.