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Child Care

Social conditions are changing very rapidly and the decline in birth rates is becoming more and more serious. In the trend of the diversification of environments surrounding children, what can we adults do for them?
Lifesupport helps people with new lifestyles to increase their quality of life and ensure a bright future for their children.

Three ideal child types that we aim to realize via our child care business

  1. Healthy children who enjoy their everyday life
  2. Affectionate children rich in sensibility
  3. Assiduous and energetic children who are curious about the world around them

Three child care policies under which we support individual children

  1. To understand the mental and physical growth of each child and cherish their individuality and personality
  2. To cultivate their trust in humanity by raising them in safe and comfortable living environments
  3. To encourage their curiosities and voluntary activities in various fields in connection with the natural and social environments

Three operational policies of nursery schools to bring about satisfaction,
positive emotions and sense of trust in children

  1. To take good care of children in strong connection and cooperation with parents
  2. To cultivate affectionate nursery staff with warm personalities who can consider and accept children’s feelings and minds
  3. To cooperate readily with child rearing support in local communities by making the most of functionalities and expertise specific to nursery schools

Yurarin (nursery schools authorized by local governments / approved by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government)

In recent years, the role of women in society has become diverse and many of them have jobs. However, social systems to support families with small children are not at all sufficient. To help those families according to their individual lifestyles, we affectionately take care of children in cooperation with parents.

Child rearing support (projects entrusted by local governments)

We carry out many juvenile training projects to cultivate children’s sociability and humanity via cultural, educational and athletic activities including the operation of nurseries and Kosodate Hiroba (child rearing support plazas) entrusted by local governments.

Baby sitter dispatch / event child care

We dispatch experienced babysitters available 24 hours a day to your designated places to provide person-to-person child care that meets the needs of individual families. Event child care at enterprises is also available with us.