Lifesupport – Excellence in Care
A bright future for everyone…

Our mission at Lifesupport is to make a positive impact on our society
by providing the very highest levels of care in our industry -leading childcare
and nursing home facilities.

Lifesupport – Who we are

Lifesupport is dedicated to providing the very best in nursery education,afterschool clubs and elderly care.

For 26 years Lifesupport has operated nursery schools, after school clubs and care facilities in the Tokyo metropolitan area. During this time Lifesupport has earned a stellar reputation for delivering consistent, quality preschool education and providing its students with a safe, warm and incredibly nurturing environment. Graduates from our schools are happy…

Childcare business

A bright future for everyone….
Fully authorized facilities
(Either by the local government or by Tokyo Metropolitan Government)

Yurarin has over 27 years experience in providing the very highest levels of childcare services in state-of-the-art authorized facilities.

Nowadays, the number of working women is increasing but the social system to support families with children is still insufficient. This, and the current demographic shifts are unsustainable. At Lifesupport we affectionately care for your child by working closely with families always mindful of your individual lifestyles.

Our child rearing support services are projects and public services entrusted by local government.

We operate child rearing support plazas, nursery facilities, and after school clubs entrusted by local governments. We provide an industry leading level of care to cultivate the sociability and humanity of children through cultural, educational, and athletic activities. We nurture the whole child through these vital stages of development.

Elderly care business

Our private nursing homes and senior assisted homes
– YURARI Our multi-function home care service – KOYURARI

Our nursing homes and senior assisted homes

Our facilities for the elderly are based on our belief and commitment to provide a level of service which allows each of our residents to live happily and in comfort – with dignity. We aim to ensure every single one of our residents can live in a safe and relaxed environment just as if they were at home. We provide every possible service to meet everyone’s needs, habits and hobbies so they can live in peace and freedom Furthermore – we will provide world class care and attention to those needing higher levels of care with full consideration of individual patient needs like a loving family member would.

In-home nursing support, home-visit services and medical care:

We dispatch housekeepers and nurses to your home to provide support, nursing care, medical care and health checks – all strictly carrying out instructions from the doctor-in-charge to the letter. This allows the elderly person to live fully secure in the knowledge that they are secure with their family and in their community Our experienced and dedicated team – all of whom are certified for nursing care and housekeeping, deliver our in-house nursing to the highest levels possible In addition to our world class provision of nursing and medical care we also act as agents to handle all the required applications to obtain certification from local government. We also take care of all the insurance procedures necessary to receive all the care required.